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Suggested Itineraries

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Naha Port Area

Naha, the prefectural capital, has prospered as a trading center since ancient times. Filled with history, culture, food, and fun, this place continues to attract people of all ages. We are introducing courses and spots with different themes and charms from the "standard" ones, so even those who have been to Naha many times can enjoy themselves.

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Nakagusukuwan Port Area

The area has many spectacular spots with rich natural backdrops as a home to creatures unique to the Ryukyu arc. There are many restaurants that serve locally produced food for local consumption. It is also dotted with famous castles built by former heroes and registered as World Heritage sites, and is full of Okinawan history and culture that coexists with nature, such as handicrafts centering on pottery and old houses with red tiles.

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Motobu Port Area

This area is full of nature, including Yanbaru, which has been designated as a national park. In addition to the many beaches, waterfalls, and other scenic spots, the pristine forests are home to endemic species such as the Okinawa rail and the Okinawa woodpecker. Moreover, local products such as Shikwasa Limes are attracting attention as a source of longevity. This tour will guide you to activities where you can encounter these beautiful landscapes and creatures, as well as restaurants that make the most of local specialties.

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Ishigaki Port Area

Ishigaki Island is the gateway to the Yaeyama Islands. There are many scenic spots with the backdrop of highly transparent sea. The island also has unique crafts such as Minsa-ori, the cotton textile, and the pottery called Ishigaki-yaki, and delicious food such as Ishigaki beef, fish caught in the nearby sea, and its processed products. The deep taste of Awamori is also well known among fans, and there are many spots that can be enjoyed by all ages.

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Hirara Port Area

Miyako Island has one of the most beautiful seas in Okinawa. It is an island of coral sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean and the East China Sea, providing a magnificent view of the sea from the bridges and observatories that connect it to the surrounding islands. The island is blessed with a rich natural environment that fosters arts and crafts such as dyeing and weaving, as well as a food culture typical of an island with a thriving fishing industry. We recommend you to visit a place where you can experience the history of life, or a tropical hot spring.

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    Useful sites to receive medical treatment in Japan in case of illness.


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